We offer a wide range of services to suit the customers requirements.

Services we can provide are:

Pre-Soak of sheds
Pressure Washing of Poultry sheds
Disinfecting of poultry sheds via hand lance or orchard sprayer or just a floor disinfect if using a strong solution.
Thermal fogging of poultry houses.
Floor Burning of concrete in poultry houses

We can also supply all chemical or gas for the above services and stock a wide range of chemicals to suit the customer.

Pre-soaking of poultry houses is done through a chemical injector and hand lance and can be applied at any dilution dependant on what the customer wants.

Our pressure washing units are built by ourselves meaning we have put the best of everything together so we can suit all customer needs. Our pumps have upto 3000 psi and also have a water tank to feed the pump at the front of the trailer.

Depending on shed size we can either hand lance disinfect through a chemical injector at various dilutions depending on the customers requirements or we offer an orchard spray disinfect which is a self propelled or trailed orchard sprayer adapted to suit the poultry industry. This offers a consistent even spread of chemical across the shed at exactly the correct dilution. We can spray disinfectant or formalin in poultry houses with either hand lance or orchard sprayer.

Thermal Fogging is also an option to apply to sheds either with formaldehyde or disinfectant. This works by pressurising whatever the solution is in the tank and fogging it in the shed as a fog/mist. The fog/mist will fill the shed from top to bottom and cling to equipment, walls and floors and is a popular method used as part of the disinfectant process.

Floor burning of concrete in poultry houses has also become a popular method within the poultry house. Mainly used for the treatment of cocci but is also a good way to burn off any other bacteria etc. The tractor mounted floor burner has a shield built around the burning nozzles for both protection and to hold the heat in the specific area that is being treated. We also have a hand lance with burning nozzle attached to treat any areas where it is not possible to reach with the tractor e.g. blending rooms, control rooms, wall bottoms or posts.